Jet2 Holidays commissioned Motiv Productions to produce lots of video content for their 2014 Christmas campaign; ‘The Code Cracker Advent Calendar Competition’.

The concept was to have Santa announce the competition and the prizes available along with how to enter.

Working with the marketing team, Motiv developed additional content ideas to share across social media and really help drive the competition awareness across various platforms. Within the budget we were able to provide individual winner announcements to the daily winners, providing a range of videos based on male & female winners.

Each day Jet2 let us know the winning name and we digitally superimpose the name over Santa’s card along with his little message. We feel that this is a great way to engage and promote to your customers whilst giving the winners a little bit of Christmas spirit.

Finally we produced countdown videos which will let people know how many days are left to enter, and also our favourite; a Santa video encouraging viewer participation by offering a prize for a Santa Selfie photo.

All this created lots of video content to be sent out and shared during December.

The videos were all shot on bluescreen (to not clash with the green Christmas tree) in Lapland and by utilising a 3D designed animated grotto background these elements gave the Christmas feel we all wanted.

Our Santa was perfect, the little scripts were delivered well and with help from a few elves the filming was completed in one day. 18 videos were completed in total, edited and animated with some fairy dust magic and Motiv motion skills.
Editing included background replacement, animated Elves, fairy dust and sound design. We’re proud of the project and the response for Jet2 Holidays has been amazing.

We hope the winners enjoyed their personalised videos and free holidays!