Our Mission

Motiv Productions focus on high concept, thought provoking ideas executed with creative flair and visual wizardry. We are content creators and storytellers whose key focus is to tell stories that really matter in order to educate, enlighten and motivate change.

We operate from the city of Leeds, developing opportunities for local talent providing a new perspective and vision for the entertainment and animation industry, whilst harnessing digital innovation to operate our global talent network.

We aim to provide employment opportunities:

  • To be part of building an inspirational industry for the region.
  • To work on impactful and high concept productions.
  • To be part of a team of motivated, hardworking creatives.
  • To invest in our employees future skills and knowledge through ongoing industry level training.
  • To be part of creative decision making and idea development.
  • To influence and inspire change with meaningful work.
  • In order to achieve our goals as a creative company, it is crucial that our culture and how we operate is respected and understood by all employees.


Our company culture is founded on a team of trusted, hardworking creative thinkers who strive for excellence on a daily basis in an open plan, working environment.

We value:

  • Passion, to show up each day motivated, knowing that your job and ideas are meaningful and your contribution is important to the entire company’s success
  • Trust, through being open and honest to gain trust in one another to achieve and excel.
  • Positive mindsets are key to influencing your productivity, your passion and to everyone around you. This is how you show up to work each day.
  • Creativity means taking risks and ignoring doubt and facing fears. It means doing something different and searching for inspiration in even the most mundane places. It means you’re asking stupid questions and leaving ego at the door all in the service of a common goal: Supporting and helping each other as we try to make the work the best it can be.
  • Empowerment, we believe in empowering our workforce through levels of project ownership and creative freedom.
  • Respect for the creative process, collaboration and for each other. Be pleasant to work with and thoughtful of others.

Operating Principles

We believe that in order for all Motiv team members to achieve creative excellence within their roles and tasks on a daily basis, we must operate on the following key principles.

  • Proactive, self-directed and self-motivated, the ability to problem solve, use initiative and work independently as required.
  • Communication is essential to provide clarity, updates and thorough understanding of each task or assignment, to enable regular feedback and to be able to give and receive constructive criticism.
  • Behaviour, be courteous, helpful and pleasant to work with – your behaviour and attitude represents our company both inside and outside the office.
  • Teamwork, collaboration is key to our success and we must all support one another, employing team leaders – not managers – to provide key motivation, skills and experience ensuring all employees are linked, not ranked.
  • Responsibility and Accountability to be punctual, to support one another, deliver to deadlines, to communicate when problems arise and to work towards the appropriate solutions openly.

From Producer to Production Assistant, we strive to create a strong culture of collaboration, opportunity, and enrichment for every artist and production crew member we employ. It’s our responsibility as a team that at the end of the day, everyone leaves more INSPIRED and STRONGER than they arrived in the morning.


High achievement always takes place in the framework of high expectations. These are our dreams, goals and the opportunities we wish to bring to fruition.

  • Creative Excellence across our portfolio.
  • Produce high impact storytelling.
  • Outstanding Customer Service.
  • To build a talent ecosystem, creating new opportunities for the region.
  • Secure contracts and opportunities to ensure company growth and stability.
  • To push creative boundaries through new technologies.
  • Produce more award-winning productions.
  • Provide a fun and exciting working environment for all.

Through understanding our culture and adapting to our principles we believe we have the capability to create extraordinary work whilst providing an outstanding work experience for all, providing an invested interest in helping Motiv, and each other, to flourish.