Do you use Vine for Marketing?

In case you didn’t know, Vine is Twitter’s 6 second video application that’s already taken the World by storm. Vine makes it simple to upload and share your short videos.

Vine is very popular especially among younger users, but is also being used by celebrities and businesses to get their message across – quickly.

Vine suits the short-attention span of Twitter and web users but can be extraordinary powerful to get a message across quickly and effectively.

Although restrictive in terms of time, with creativity your videos on Vine can actually be a great tool to increase your reach and improve your marketing performance.

Here are 3 ways you can use Vine for marketing to generate better results:

Customer Education

Vines can be used to show your customers how easy it is to use your products. The 6 second limit on Vine means people are very likely to watch your videos, as it feels less of a commitment to watch them.

If you can be creative and communicate your message in a short video, then it can really help your customers quickly understand what they need to do. Use Vines to create quick how-to, training or advice videos.

Return shipping required? Show them how quickly and easily they can pack and return the items to you. The short timeframe of the Vine means it’s also perceived as easy and fast, making them more likely to do it.

Customer collaboration

Vines are a great way for your customers to engage and collaborate with your brand and business. Get your customers to create vines about your business – and enable them to share them. This boosts your marketing efforts, encouraging your loyal customers to share their experiences about your products and services.

Set up a competition to incentivise your customers to get involved and submit their contributions. Set a competition deadline and get them to submit their entries before that date. This helps build up momentum, and also makes it more likely your customers will get involved. You can also set the parameters for them making the video – i.e. hold this sign and share it with this hashtag. This helps create buzz around a single message.

Get customers to provide 6 second testimonials and recommendations.


Although you’re limited to 6 seconds, if the video is compelling enough you can get your message across very quickly.

The good thing is that these short adverts are more likely to be shared, especially if they’re humorous. This means your business gets in front of more potential clients very quickly and easily.

Use multiple Vine videos to communicate your message over time. Perhaps even building to become combined into a longer video on YouTube.


When harnessed, Vine is a great tool for marketing.

It’s popular and quick, so is more likely to be watched and shared. It’s also part of the large Twitter user base meaning your company message can get in front of businesses and consumers on the social network.

Use the 6 second limit on Vine to your advantage and make quick videos for customer education, collaboration and advertising. Make great videos and get them shared on Vine.

Are you using Vine for your marketing?

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