The use of mobile devices has changed the way we work and it’s changing the way we use video.

Mobile now accounts for more than 20% of web traffic, so people are increasingly using mobile devices to access websites, blogs and social media.

As video is a key part of the online experience, it needs to be accessible on a range of mobile devices. Being smart about developing video suitable for mobile phones and tablets can increase your business results too.

This recent blog post provides an eye-watering range of mobile marketing statistics. Using the stats on Video Marketing, here are our suggestions on how you can improve video for mobile:

Ensure your business videos can be accessed on mobile

“71% of smartphone owners have used their device to research branded products or services.”

Business decision makers, as well as consumers, are regularly using their smartphones to research your company. Make sure your videos can be accessed on a mobile device and help these decision makers find, research and contact your business.

Make your videos brief

“75% of video content streamed through a mobile device is 60 minutes long or shorter”

Always ensure your videos provide information in a concise way. If you need longer videos, split them down into shorter ones that focus on different topics. Making your video content digestible means it is more likely to be watched by the mobile user.

Use video in your marketing campaigns

“17% of mobile marketing campaigns involve video content.”

Mobile marketing campaigns are increasingly using video content to communicate with their target audience. As video can be watched on mobile then incorporate it as part of your marketing campaign.

Check speed and rendering of videos on mobile

“10% of video streaming is conducted through a mobile device.”

Successful video viewing on mobile often comes down to the speed of the connection. Make sure your videos are suitable for mobile viewing. It may be worth developing mobile-only versions of your videos so they can load faster and play on different mobile devices.


The increased use of Mobile devices – smartphones and tablets – is changing video marketing. More and more web visits are now through mobile devices and this is set to increase over time. Make the most of the opportunity and develop videos that are suitable for mobile.

Make sure your videos work on mobile – loading quickly, displaying correctly and can work on different mobile platforms. If you have a lot of people accessing your website through mobile it might be worth developing a dedicated mobile version of your website.

Use your website analytics to understand what mobile platforms your visitors are using and ensure that your videos work well with these.

How has mobile changed the way you do your marketing?

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