We’ve been very busy with Jet2holidays the past few months and have been traveling with them from Majorca, to London, Edinburgh and Belfast and a few other cities in-between.

Why? Well this is all part of a massive new Jet2holidays, ‘Ultimate School Trip’ competition. The travel company will be taking nearly 300 school children on an ultimate school trip to Majorca’s theme park, ‘Sol Katmandu’.

To kick off the launch video, we had Dick & Dom as presenters and a team of children’s entertainers to keep the young ones engaged whilst the competition launch was announced nationally.

We also created an animated intro (loosely based on the old Grange Hill TV show intro many moons ago), then create a full suite of graphics including a UK tour Map with cartoon Yeti.

We will be supplying over 14 edits.

To show the lucky winners what the prize was, we flew to Majorca to film an overview of the resort location; Sol Katmandu, highlighting the facilities and various things to do when there.

The competition final is in April 2018 and we’ll be heading back out to Majorca to film the winners enjoying their Ultimate School Trip!

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