Once you’ve had your video produced and delivered, you want to get it online and distributed quickly and effectively. Motiv have partnered with Zimovi, a new way to store, stream and share video content.

Zimovi not only gives you a platform to show your videos, it also provides a simple way of distributing your video across all your social media channels and your website with one click. ZiMovi gives you a detailed way of viewing in-depth analytics to help measure the performance of your content. So you can work out which channel is working best for you, which gets the most views and even see how long people are watching the video, their geographical location and if they shared it.

You can also add call to action links over the film at relevant points directing viewers to your website and sign up page or simple download buttons for more information.

Ensure your brand is protected by having total control over any comments, filters can stop any language or comments that you feel would have a negative impact to your campaign.

Your video needs to work for you. Zimovi has lots of other features to help get the best out of your video budget. Take a look at the video we produced to see some of the features.