This is our Visit England promotional film for Business Visits & Events in England.

Part of a series of films for Visit England, Visit Britain and the regional cities to promote the country as a destination for business conferences and events.

England regularly attracts some of the world’s leading association congresses. Its pre-eminent position in the world of medicine and science ensures that it is the destination of choice for many such international conferences. And with expertise in such fields as energy, automotive and aerospace engineering, the creative industries and IT & telecommunications, England is well placed to host the world’s most prestigious events in a number of key sectors.

Some of these events host over 30,000 people and generate upwards of millions of pounds into the local economy.

Our films are shown at international trade shows, trade conferences and at pitch meetings with international brands and industry leaders to highlight a country infused with history and heritage, but also at the cutting edge of design and innovation.

England’s cities are pioneers in science, technology and advanced engineering, with hubs such as Sheffield, Nottingham, NewcastleGateshead, Manchester and Leeds leading the way, while the country also houses some of the most distinguished academic institutions in the world.

We have been extremely proud of our work with Visit England and the Cabinet office, please view our other films in the series.