Working in partnership with Wakefield District Housing (WDH) Motiv were commissioned to produce a series of animations which were to highlight their ‘Cashwise’ scheme which is part funded by the National Lottery.

Here is what WDH and the team at Cashwise had to say about the project:

“The Cash Wise project is all about empowering social housing tenants with the knowledge and skills to take control of their finances and sustain their tenancies long term. We wanted to develop a call to action to promote our service using real life situations based on the key areas affecting social housing tenants in Wakefield. The topics for the five animations came from a series of Cash Wise forums where we asked tenants to tells us their main areas of concern in relation to managing their money.

It was an easy choice to work with Motiv! Their passion for developing high quality media really came through from our first meeting and they took time to fully understand the project to ensure they were creating animations that would reach out to our target audience and fully engage with them.

We are delighted with the final outcome of all five animations and are currently using the characters as part of our Cash Wise website development and rebrand project.”

Cashwise Storyboard | Motiv Productions - Creating Video for Business
Cashwise Still | Motiv Productions - Creating Video for Business
Cashwise Characters | Motiv Productions - Creating Video for Business
Cashwise Judge | Motiv Productions - Creating Video for Business
Cashwise characters | Motiv Productions - Creating Video for Business

We didn’t want the videos to be too authoritative or show real life interviews / situations which could seem negative, so decided on animation. This would allow us to create virtual worlds, characters and landscapes that would help tell the series narrative.

Assets from the animations could also be used across other digital platforms and print providing additional value for money over the project.

We proposed using the voices of ‘real’ people whom WDH organised for us, this helped build additional engagement with their tenants via WDH PR putting up posters and asking people in Cashwise sessions if they wanted to be involved.

We had a good response and so the voice overs are actual tenants who have experienced the Cashwise program. The sound design comprised of 100% organic sounds and was composed by our new go to sound designer Lawrence Youngs, who did an outstanding job.

The videos are placed on the WDH and Cashwise websites and are also shown at events and on screens within the tenant areas of the WDH offices and help centres.